Can I use college courses for continuing education?

Can I use college courses for continuing education?

Applying certain college courses for continuing education can be possible. If applicable, some college courses are accepted towards meeting your renewal requirements. These possibilities include, but are not limited to, anatomy, biology, medical, terminology, pharmacology, etc.


Below you can find more helpful Information:    


1.     One hour of college credit is equal to eight hours of continuing education. So, as an example, a three-hour Anatomy course would be worth thirty hours of continuing education.    

2.     Not all course materials from a college course may be applied to your recertification    

3.     College courses will not cover all the needed topics and subtopics so other continuing education is needed to complete your recertification    

4.     College courses can only be used in the local and/or individual components    

5.     You will need to review your course materials, (syllabus, handouts, textbook) to see what is applicable to EMS, patient care related and within your scope of practice to be used towards your recertification.     


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