Higher Level EMS Education

Higher Level EMS Education

If you have completed a higher-level EMS course you can use any completed hours of that course towards renewing the lower level. Your coursework must be applicable to EMS and patient care related.

The complete hours must be completed within your recertification cycle. The full course does not have to be completed, in order to use the hours towards recertification. Any EMS-related education that is at or above your current certification level can be used towards the National, Local and Individual sections. 

For example, if you are an EMT  who has completed a Paramedic course, you can enter it as a "Paramedic Course" and provide a description of the subject areas covered in the education completed. To enter the course please select Initial EMS Education Program, as the course type,  and then the level of education completed. Once the education is entered on the transcript, it can be assigned topic by topic to complete the recertification education requirements. 

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