How do I upload documents to my transcript?

How do I upload documents to my transcript?

It’s easy, you can upload documents when you are adding a course to your transcript. The easiest time to add the documentation is before you save the course to your transcript, but if you forget you can add later. Refer to the two attached quick guides for useful information on how to upload documentation after a course has been added to your transcript.   


Below you will find important notes about the process:   

1.     Education entered by a Training Officer cannot be edited  

1.     You do have the option of Managing Attachments to add documentation   

2.     Training Officers cannot attach documents to any course created using the Training Officer role  

3.     Once your recertification application is submitted you cannot make changes to education without withdrawing the application.*   


* Withdrawing an application will allow you to make changes, but you must resubmit the application for it to be processed. 

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