Recertification About Changing Certification Levels

Recertification About Changing Certification Levels

If you hold an EMT, AEMT or Paramedic certification you can request to change levels by dropping to a lower level certification. Any EMT, AEMT or Paramedic that would like to change levels must make the request during their recertification cycle.  EMR providers do not have the option to drop to a lower level. 

If you choose to change certification levels, you will be required to test to regain your previous level. For example, if you are an EMT that drops to EMR, you would need to meet all entry requirements for the EMT level, including completing the National Registry cognitive exam and level appropriate psychomotor exam. 

A request for changing your certification level should be submitted to allow you enough time to complete your renewal process. Processing times for requests may vary due to fluctuations in workload during the recertification season. Higher volumes mean longer processing times. 

All other changes in certification must be completed by meeting the entry requirements for the appropriate level and testing to gain certification. 

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