Recertification: How to Remove Affiliation

Recertification: How to Remove Affiliation

You can manage your affiliations from your My Certification dashboard.  You can be affiliated with more than one agency.   If you need to remove an agency you are no longer working or volunteering with you can use the steps below. 

How to Remove Agency: 
  1. Click on "Add or Remove Agency Affiliation" can be found just below the Recertification CE Summary (graph of completed education) 
  2. Click on Affiliate with Another Agency
  3. Click on the Agency's name you wish to remove
  4. Click on Remove Affiliation with This Agency (in the lower right hand corner) 
  5. Click,  Yes, Remove my affiliation, to remove agency 
You do not need to be affiliated with an agency to renew your certification. However, renewing without an any affiliation will renew you as Inactive.  

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