Recertification: How to Use Other Continuing Education

Recertification: How to Use Other Continuing Education

Other continuing education like college courses, EMS conferences, higher level EMS education and health care related professionals continuing education can be used towards recertification hours. 

Select Continuing Education Course, as the course type to allow you more flexibility for courses details and how it is best applicable. The Other category for course approval can be used for these types of education, and you can enter the college name, conference name or other accrediting body. 

Helpful Information: 
  1. Provide a detailed description of what the course covered, so the it can be easily understood by a reviewer
  2. Review your course materials, (syllabus, handouts, textbook) to see if the education can be applied to any of the National Component Topics 
  3. Upload any documentation related to the course 
  4. Any education that cannot be applied to the National Component, may be applied to the Local or Individual Components 
  5. Use full course titles like Introduction to Nursing 101, instead of INTRO NUR 101 

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