Recertification: How to Apply Education

Recertification: How to Apply Education

If you are having trouble with where to assign your education, please review the information below. National Registry staff can provide generalized guidance. However, since they have not attended the course will be unable to provide you with where the hours may be applied. Apply the hours to the topics that make the most sense based on the course materials or seek help from a training officer. 

Helpful Information: 
  1. Review your course materials, (syllabus, handouts, textbook) to see if the education can be applied to any of the National Component Topics 
  2. Any education that cannot be applied to the National Component, may be applied to the Local or Individual Components 
  3. Use full course titles like Introduction to Nursing 101, instead of INTRO NUR 101 
  4. Provide a detailed description of what the course covered, so that it can be easily understood by a reviewer
  5. Upload any documentation related to the course 

For More Information Please Review the Articles Below:

Accepted Education

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