Recertification Application Returned Incomplete

Recertification Application Returned Incomplete

Congratulations, you have submitted your recertification application and are one step closer to completing your renewal. Please check your Message Center for more information. If you see your application has been returned incomplete, you may need to adjust the application.

An application can be returned for any of the reasons or a combination of reasons below: 

  1. Education completed outside of your recertification dates (Out of Date) 
  2. Education not applicable to the topics it is assigned too (N/A to topic) 
  3. Education that is not clearly related to patient care in EMS (Not EMS related) 
  4. Education that is not from a recognized source of education (Not State/CAPCE) 
  5. Duplicate courses (duplicate hours)
  6. Instructor course, teach the teacher type education (Instr. Course)
  7. Lacking a description or information to determine how the education applies to EMS patient care (Insufficient Desc) 
  8. Leadership or management type courses (leadership/management) 
  9. Courses that are not EMS related, patient care related or do not apply to EMS in any manner (Course not accepted)
  10. Courses that are entered but may need documentation in order to verify validity (Document Required) 

For More Information Please Review the Articles Below:

Recertification  Requirements

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