Standardized EMS Education Courses

Standardized EMS Education Courses

You can use standardized courses towards your recertification. You will need to have a course completion certificate or other documentation as cards are not accepted as proof of the education.  Standardized EMS education courses are education that has content that shares a common syllabus, and have reusable course modules and learning objectives. Courses like ACLS, CPR, PALS, ITLS, etc., are examples of standardized courses. 

When entering them on your education to your transcript, please select "Standardized Courses"  in the dropdown. You can also click on the "Learn About Standardized Courses" box on the right-hand side of the "Add a Course" screen for more information on how to apply the education to your recertification. Attached is a helpful guide for how to apply the standardized courses to National topics. You can use standardized courses in the National, Local or Individual sections. 

If the course is not listed, it does not mean you cannot use it. Often there are more types of standardized courses than can be listed in the dropdown. If you do not see it in the drop-down, change the type of education to Continuing Education for a free text option to enter information. 

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