What are the requirements to recertify?

What are the requirements to recertify?

It is great that you are showing interest in recertifying. You can recertify, or renew your national certification, using continuing education or recertification by exam (RBE). Below you will find options with useful information to help you.  



As mentioned above, you can use continuing education to meet the hour requirements for your national, local, and individual components. All education must be completed by your recertification expiration, which is listed on your account and your electronic card.  


For EMR providers, all education must be completed by the September 30 of the year their certification expires.  


For EMT, AEMT and Paramedic providersall education must be completed by the March 31 of the year their certification expires.   




If recertification by exam applies to you, you will need to successfully complete the cognitive exam at your level of certification. You only have one attempt at the exam, but upon successful completion, you can complete your renewal by submitting a completed abbreviated form.  

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